What Do You Need To Look For In A Great Fishing Tent?

If you have ever been on a fishing trip for multiple days, you have come across the problem of having a shelter to sleep in. This is a great problem to solve, as if you are fishing, you most likely want to be able to have a home that you not only feel comfortable in, but where you don’t feel like you are tied down to one place. Some of us feel too comfortable in our fishing tent.

A fishing tent. Source: Geograph

A fishing tent. Source: Geograph

You can always build a shelter for yourself with your own survival knife, with the upsurge of survival reality shows you can find plenty of those television programs that will show you how you can do it. However this can be a lengthy process, and I would rather spend my time with what I love to do, and what I am there for in the first place: fishing.

The best shelter you can use in the wild is a waterproof backpacking tent. This is an easy to ensemble shelter that will keep you warm and dry for the night, and it will do the same to your gear. In this article I intend to introduce you to the features that all the best fishing tents need to have.

First of all, a great fishing tent needs to be waterproof. If you are a fisherman on a journey and you can’t get new supplies once the old ones are soaking with water you really need to make sure that your tent is waterproof. Some pieces of your gear can soak with water and get damaged as a result. Not to mention that if your clothes get wet, your whole trip will be ruined. You might even get ill if you were forced to wear your wet clothes, so you really need to get a tent that is waterproof.

A great tent for fishing also needs to be lightweight. If you are going on a fishing trip you want to cover a huge ground, so you need to have a lightweight waterproof tent. Your tent should really not be heavier than five pounds at tops. If you take into consideration that your fishing equipment needs to be carried as well as your clothes, some meals and other items as well, you really can’t afford to have a tent that weights more than a few pounds really.

The fishing tent also need to have a vestibule. A vestibule gives you extra space, and extra chance to store your gear in your tent. The more vestibule a tent has the more spacious it is.


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