The Best Dry Flies For Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is a very hard task, but it is rewarding. All great fishing experiences start with choosing the right lure or bait. I prefer to fly fish for my prey, I don’t use live bait or artificial baits like PowerBait.

In my previous article I have written about how I like the black fur ant fly for fishing salmon. It is a tiny dry fly that can be used to attract smaller fishes as well, and the fact that ants are so common makes it a great all-rounder fly. If you are going to fish on an unknown water and you don’t know anything about it you can use this fly and be pretty sure that you are going to have a few bites if the river is rich in fish.

My other favorite fly is one that has a very funny name, the “Hair Wing Royal Coachman“. This one can impersonate many different insects and bugs. It has a long and thin red body, which makes it look like a redworm. It can be mistaken for a little fish due to its relatively large size. Or it can look simply like a non-descriptive bug that fell into the water. This fly can be used as a golden head version as well, with putting a little golden head in front of the fly. You can also put small eyes on the head of the fly to make it look more like a fish. The two basic versions of the fly include one that has a fur neck, or the other that has two white wings. The former makes it float more easily, while the latter makes it sink a bit deeper. Both are applicable and can work in the right situation, on the right water.

Anther great fly is the infamous Dark Cahill, a fly that has many different iterations. It is one of those that doesn’t have a usual, set way of being tied, they are rather a general look that every angler ties and uses differently to meet their specific needs. It involves having a brown and yellow neck on the end. The neck can be tied a bit down so that it can reach over the body of the fly. The body can be made of yellow or brown or even grey fur. The end of the fly involves a long brown tail. Again, you can put a golden head in front of the fly, but you can also put eyes on it. My personal take on the Dark Cahill involves running a golden ribbon around the body of the fly.


There are plenty of flies out there, but my favorite dry flies are the ones that you can use in multiple situations and tailor to your specific needs.


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